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“Top Fives” CRH Recommended Books


Sexual Addiction (Male)

- Carnes, Patrick, Out of the Shadows

- Laaser, Patrick, Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction

- Melody, Pia, Facing Love Addiction

- Schaumberg, Harry, False Intimacy

- Sexaholics Anonymous, “ The White Book”



- Carnes, Stephanie (editor) and various expert writers, Mending A Shattered Heart – A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts

- Hemfelt, Robert; Minirth, Frank; & Meir, Paul, Love Is A Choice

- Laaser, Debbie, Shattered Vows

- Means, Marsha, Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars

- Melody, Pia Facing Codependence


Sexual Addiction (Female)

- Feree, Marnie, No Stones

- Kasl, Charlotte, Women, Sex, and Addiction

- Maltz, Wendy, Sexual Healing Journey

- Melody, Pia, Facing Love Addiction

- Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (Big Book)


Trauma/Abuse/Family of Origin

- Adams, Kenneth, Silently Seduced

- Bradshaw, John, Healing the Shame That Binds You

- Carnes, Patrick, The Betrayal Bond

- Friel, John & Friel, Linda, Adult Children: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families

- Miller, Alice, Drama of the Gifted Child


Couple Intimacy/Coupleship

- Cloud, Henry & Townsend, John, Boundaries

- Gottman, John, Relationship Cure

- Heitler, Susan, The Power of Two

- Schnarch, David, The Passionate Marriage

- Spring, Janis Abrahms, After the Affair


Sexual Health/Healing

- Carnes, Patrick, Sexual Anorexia

- Gray, John , Mars and Venus in the Bedroom

- Laaser, Mark, Talking to Your Kids About Sex

- Maltz, Wendy, Sexual Healing Journey

- Penner, Clifford & Penner, Joyce, Restoring the Pleasure



- Chambers, Oswald, My Utmost for His Highest

- Lucado, Max, In the Grip of Grace

- Nouwen, Henri, Life of the Beloved

- Recovery Devotional Bible (NIV)

- Young, William, The Shack


Masculine Development

- Dalbey, Gordon, Healing the Masculine Soul

- Eldridge, John, Wild at Heart

- Hicks, Robert, The Masculine Journey

- Rohr, Richard, Wild Men to Wise Men

- Weber, Stu, Four Pillars of a Man's Life


Teen/Single Sexuality

- Holladay, Steve / Ultimate Escape Ministries, The Ultimate Sexual Experience (DVD)

- Ethridge, Shannon, Every Young Woman's Battle

- Griffin-Shelly, Eric, Adolescent Sex and Love Addicts

- Manning, Jill, The Problem With Porn

- Rosenau, Doug & Wilson, Michael Todd, Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality


Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

- Burkett, Lori, & Yarhouse, Mark, Sexual Identity: The Guide to Living in the Time Between the Times

- Cohen, Richard, Coming Out Straight

- Dallas, Joe, Desires in Conflict

- Konrad, Jeff, You Don't Have to Be Gay

- Payne, Leanne, Crisis in Masculinity


General Healing/Recovery

- Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book)

- Carnes, Patrick, Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps

- Dodd, Chip, The Voice of the Heart

- May, Gerald, Addiction and Grace

- Nouwen, Henri, Inner Voice of Love

- O'Neal, Mike, Power to Choose (12-step workbook)

- Real, Terrence, I Don't Want to Talk About It

- Richo, David, How to Be An Adult


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