Help for Sex and Relationship Addictions

In our sexually saturated culture, we are experiencing an explosion in compulsive sexual behaviors and/or addictive relationships. The internet has certainly contributed to addictive behaviors through its deceptive sense of anonymity and ease of access. Sex addiction is often characterized by secrecy / deception, increasing isolation, and an inability to stop an unwanted sexual behavior despite multiple attempts and negative consequences. These behaviors serve to avoid painful emotions and may include compulsive viewing of pornography, obsessive fantasy and/or masturbation, online or phone-related sexual connections, multiple affairs and anonymous hookups. The relationship addict, or “love addict”, may pursue similar behaviors that tend to be more emotionally or romantically motivated. If you believe you are struggling with sexual or relationship addiction, you may be experiencing tremendous shame, resentments and / or fear that often keep the addiction thriving.

But there is hope for healing and a new way to connect with yourself, God and others. At the Center for Relational Healing, our specialized therapists utilize a nurturing, Christ- centered approach in addressing trauma and other underlying issues that are often associated with addiction.

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